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About Us

THE BIG SALE (UAB Alinkas) we are the leading Multibrand wholesale stock liquidator.

The fashion brands we stock provide the perfect clothing collections and accessories to supply Outlets, B2B, Online players, Wholesalers, Discounters, Own franchisees and Large distributors with the perfect inventory.

With over 5 years of experience in the business and present in 5 continents with multiple clients in each.

Over the passage of time the company has grown focusing also on the supply chain, to date we have become one of Europe´s leading stock liquidators. Striking a Natural harmony between the brand and the end buyer.

Our focus has always been client satisfaction and fulfilling demand. As the name suggests we have now completed the circle.

Price has become a main game changer in the industry. Brand appeal remains throughout as ultimately we are in a business that is also driven by emotion. Our brand spread was hand selected to ensure appeal.